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Game NameShogun Princess Christianne
Original Name
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Author JSK Studio JSK Studio - - - JSK Studio
Game Tags game story action simulation undress doggy cowgirl stocking milkshake
Release DateOctober 15,2012
Original Description

One man seeks revenge against the kingdom that overran his homeland.
Between here and victory, that kingdom's fierce shogun princess Christianne stands in his way.
This is their ultimate showdown.

1-vs-1 war against the imperial princess, the results of which are sex scenes.
Side-view battle and erotic Flash animation. Increase your skill points and apply them to your character
to become stronger, unlock new movies, and ejaculate more spunk inside her vagina!

RPG-style active gauge and command-menu battle.
Battle and sex scenes are both side-view.
Spend skill points to upgrade your status, etc.
Multiple endings (3, not including bad ending)
All endings provide sex scenes. Once viewed you can review them freely.
After a certain ending you can unlock Extra Mode with new sex options.  

Imouto-sama Can't Be Refused? 妹様には逆らえない? Imouto-sama Can't Be Refused? - -
JSK Studio simulation stocking
Tomboy Get Complete! オレっ娘捕獲完了! Tomboy Get Complete! - -
JSK Studio simulation cowgirl
Cunning Little Girl in a Tight Spot カンニング少女の追いつめかた Cunning Little Girl in a Tight Spot - -
JSK Studio simulation undress
With Imouto... 2 妹と… 2 With Imouto... 2 - -
JSK Studio simulation doggy
Schoolgirl Torment FLASH 女子○学生いじめフラッシュ Schoolgirl Torment FLASH - -
JSK Studio simulation undress
Rita rita.swf Rita - -
JSK Studio simulation stocking
Hand-to-Hand Imouto - Face Off With Big Brother Hand-to-Hand Imouto - Face Off With Big Brother - -
JSK Studio action simulation
Fuuma Girl Maisa 封魔少女マイサ Fuuma Girl Maisa - -
JSK Studio doggy stocking
With Imouto... 妹と… With Imouto... - -
JSK Studio simulation cowgirl
Daughter of the Defeated Devil 打倒!魔王娘 Daughter of the Defeated Devil - -
JSK Studio simulation cowgirl
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